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Infrared No-Touch Thermometers

PPE Get Now Provides FDA APPROVED & CE Certified Infrared No-Touch Thermometers for Quick Delivery! This product demo shows the color display change depending on the temperature that registers. is on a mission to get businesses back up and running during these uncertain COVID-19 times. The focus is on smaller quantity orders to help with the logistics issues coming from extremely large orders that get caught up in customs and extreme negotiations. Specifications: FDA Approved & CE Certified Forehead Thermometer: Premium quality thermometer for adults, baby, objects with FDA and CE certification to meet all medical standards required for infrared thermometers recommended by doctors, pediatricians, and professionals. Hygienic and safer than traditional thermometer. Highly sensitive infrared thermometer sensor to measure body temperature/fever instantly with high accuracy. The thermometer is designed to read temperature of adults, babies, and objects. Non-Contact Fever Measurement: Adopting the latest nanotechnology to achieve higher accuracy (measuring error 0.1°C). Due to the non-contact measurement, there is no need to worry about infection and cross contamination. You can use the touch less thermometer safely for multiple people. Accurate Temperature Reading: Ideal thermometer for forehead reading with small marginal error (0.2°F for body mode, and 1.0°F for ambient mode. infrared thermometer is much more accurate than standard mercury thermometers or digital thermometers. Health Indicator and alarm colors (3 Color LCD) for monitoring temperature/fever of adults and baby all the time. Stores previous temperature reading in the memory of the thermometer gun. Body Mode & Surface Mode : The digital infrared thermometer has two modes available, body and surface mode, one switch to quick change mode. So, the thermometer has a wide range of uses, not only for body temperature, but also for surface temperature of object, like milk, water, food, and room temperature. It is suitable for all ages, including infants, children, adults and the old, and can be used in offices, restaurants, school, company, home, etc. USA Warranty: 1 year limited warranty for all manufacture defects.