Blue Tooth Target Marketing

A New TOOL just launched that is the size of your thumb that will broadcast your link and message to every Android Phone from  150 Feet to 1500 Feet Depending on unit radius 24 hours a day without you having to pick up a phone (you don’t even have to have an Android phone). 1000% automatic, you can get endless leads passively.

The Proximity Beacon Broadcasting Unit changes the information and lead generation game.
What if you could walk around, drive around or simply be in a densely populated area such as a busy mall or sports stadium and reach up to 60% of everyone around you with your message yet never say a word? That is precisely what the Proximity Broadcasting Unit does!
A. Broadcasts to all Bluetooth enabled android devices within a 1600 Feet  range.
B. Android owners receive a simple notification that has a 40 character message and live link to your site . ( The Message will disappear when phone is out of  range.)
C. The absolute best passive prospecting and advertising tool available today.

A new technology for a new time!
Did you know that Android Devices Make up 60% of the mobile phone market in North America?
1. Geo-Location at its very best
2. Your potential clients don’t have to download anything to receive your messages. What is needed is already built into every Android device!
3. This is a broadcast message not a text, email or push notification so it does not annoy or disrupt the receiver.( The Message will disappear when phone is out of  range.)
Most Businesses and Business Builders have One of Two Problems:
•They need more clients or prospects
•They need to convert those clients or prospects
There is also a way to earn if you want to share this brand new tech with others.

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