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Net-Tek Business Consultants Is A Computer And Internet Consultant Company To Help Individuals And Business.
We  Offer Small Networking Networks , Computer Systems Troubleshooting , System Reinstallations  , Repairs And Setups . Internet Setup , Other Services Upon Request.
For Internet Services We Provide Internet Security And Antivirus And Ransomware Protection With Our Security Partners.
We Also Provide Other Networking Solutions And Programs We Recommend For The Individual Or Business  Offering Tools And Other Business To Business Solutions .


Why A CBD Patch?

Oils, pills, lotions and creams are not bad, however, a Patch can give you much more CBD, therefore giving you greater benefits. Let’s break down each method…
Oils – Oils are placed in the mouth. Anytime you are using the digestive system to introduce CBD to your body, you are breaking it down inside the liver. So even if you take drops that promise high doses of CBD, for example, from a 750mg bottle, you get about 10mg per dose, which is usually 20 drops. Your body then may only receive 25 to 40 percent of that 10mg or a total up to 4mg per dose on the high end. Once you have finished the bottle, you would have only received up to 300mg of that 750mg bottle.
Pills – Pills are taken by mouth. Anytime you are using the digestive system to introduce CBD to your body, you are breaking it down inside the liver. So even if you take pills (gell caps) the same thing that happens with the oil will also happen to pills or gell caps. Therefore, you only receive a small percentage of what you are taking!
Lotions & Creams – Lotions and Creams are placed on the skin. The skin is harder to get CBD to pentrate which means they never make it to the blood stream in most cases. This means that you may feel little to no effect from these with the exception of a localized pain or muscle pull which could directly receive benefits from a cream or lotion.
Genusity Black Gold CBD Nano Patch – Patches are placed on the skin. Because we use Nano Technology which is microscopic, the CBD can reach the blood stream and bypass the digestive system thus bypassing the liver. This makes it one of the fastest ways to receive CBD for both local pain and overall body health. You also receive up to 99% of the total CBD percentage which means with our Nano patch you should receive up to 99mg of each 100mg patch.

When Ordering Outside Of The United States , Please Check With The Importing And Purchases Of CBD Products In Your Country.



Blue Tooth Target Marketing

Genusity Advertising Network (GAN)

This new way of using your Beacons to advertise will increase your views and that should increase your clicks as well.
We will now be showing your ads on ALL cell phones including…
iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc….
Your ad will also show on Tablets, computers and more.You can also create a Graphic ad now in the Genusity Tools area. This is
a 325 X 325 ad that will show on any phone.

Here’s how the system works:
When you create your ad or message it is sent to all the phones, tablets, etc.within the radius of the Beacons transmission.
It is then transmitted through the internet and is placed/attached to an App Rotator.
This App Rotator has,at any given time, between 1 to 2 million apps in it.
Your ad/message is attached to one of those apps that is in the current app rotator and when that app is opened by the people that have received your Beacon Transmission, it’s displayed on their device.
This could happen instantly,  weeks later or even months later.
We will also be using Fencing Technology. That means that your ad will be seen by people within a 50 mile radius of your beacon and/or your zip code.
AS A BONUS: By using this Fencing Technology, the company that we have contracted with is also advertising your ad/message to thousands of people within your Fencing radius!
So this means not only are you receiving your Beacon views and clicks but you are also receiving, at no additional cost, Radius Targeted Online Advertising.
If you did this kind of advertising yourself, it could cost you thousands per month! And before you ask, YES, this will work WORLD WIDE!!
Rest assured, even though this new GAN system will cost us a lot more money per month to run, we are NOT increasing your cost.
NOW… We have some good news and bad news….
The good news is, you don’t have to do anything for this to work. It will work with your current ads and beacons.
The bad news is….. we have to reset all views and clicks when this starts. But that’s not bad news really :)With the new GAN system, we look forward to you getting increased views and
that could mean increased clicks to your site or landing page

Kwiki Chat

KwikiChat – separates you from your competition, offering an awesome customer experience that is sure to bring sales, repeat sale and increase loyalty.

  • Give Them Want They Want – When website visitors want to speak to someone before making a buying decision KwikiChat connects them INSTANTLY with you with a simple “click connect” button.
  • FREE AT LAST – with KwikiChat’s app you are free to roam the planet while remaining connected to potential customers on your website.


KwikiChat helps convert visitors into buyers.

Build customer trust and confidence in your business using KwikiChat. A study by the American Marketing Association found that conversions increase by 20% and customers are 3 times more likely to buy after engaging with a website operator using some sort of chat software. KwikiChat takes chat to a whole NEW level with face-to-face interaction.

KwikikChat will proactively invite website visitors to connect with you helping you to close more sales and reduce website abandonment which is the number one obstacle that website owners struggle with the most. You do not need to struggle any more, thanks to KwikiChat.

KwikiChat invites your visitors to connect with you in real time.

Premier Income Plan

Get Paid What You’re Worth!

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  3. Get Paid – When your referrals, and their referrals, renew their monthly subscriptions then you get paid. It doesn’t get better than that. Join now!